Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to considered Frame of Reference

Frame of reference


Any system relative (with respect to ) to which the motion or rest of an body can be described 
simply called frame of reference

let suppose a boy and his father  travelling in car boy thrown a ball upward in vertical direction
his father observe that ball moves vertically upward ( because both father and son are in same frame of reference i.e in car)
 now lets suppose his uncle is standing on the ground (at rest)
if he observe the ball ,a parabolic path of motion of same ball ( now there are two frame one is in motion other is at rest)
this is because ball as observed from a ground seems to have a horizontal component of velocity and this will be equal to the velocity of car.
vertical component of velocity equal to the velocity of the ball..
 so here we can see that same event is described in different ways by different observer.
so the motion is relative .

vertical motion -when view by his father in the car 
parabolic -when observe by his uncle