Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays Explanation

The  existence  of  the  three distinct  types  of  radiations,  α, β and γ−rays can be easily found by the following experiment.A small  amount  of  radium is placed  at  the  bottom  of  a  small hole drilled in a lead block, which is kept in an evacuated chamber

A photographic plate is placed at a short distance above the lead block. A strong magnetic field is applied at   right   angles   to   the   plane   of   the   paper   and   acting   inwards. Three distinct traces can be seen on the photographic plate when it is developed. The trace towards left is due to positively charged particles. They  are  named   α -particles.The  trace  towards  the  right  is  due  to negatively   charged   particles.They   are   named  β-particles.The undeviating trace is due to neutral radiations  which are called  γ−rays.If  an  electric  field  is  applied,  the  α-rays  are  deflected  towards  then negative  plate,β−rays  towards  the  positive  plate  and  γ−rays  are  not deflected.