Thursday, 28 April 2016

Different Assumption made in the study of kenetic theory of gases

  1. molecule of gas moves all direction with all possible velocity during motion,the molecules colloid with one another but the collision do not effect the molecular density of gases
  2. The motion of molecules is random(the center of mass f gas remain at rest)
  3. Between two collisiona molecules move in straight line with uniform velocity this is because no force act on the particle b/w the collision.The distance covered by molecules is  called mean free path
  4. The diamension of the molecules may be neglected as compared to the dimension of free path.
  5. No approciable force of attraction or repulsion by molecule on in another accept during collision
  6. Collision between  melecules and with the wall of the container or perfectlly elastic and the time of impact is of neglagible duration (elastic collision means no change of linear momentum and kenetic energy ) elastic collision means no change of momentum but energy change
  7. Molecules obey newtons law of motion