Monday, 25 April 2016

Different application of X-ray

Applications of X–rays
X–rays  have  a  number  of  applications.  Some  of  them  are  listed-
Scientific research
  1. X–rays are used for studying the structure of crystalline solids and alloy
  2. X–rays  are  used  for  the  identification  of  chemical  elements including  determination  of  their  atomic  numbers
  3. X–rays  can  be  used  for  analyzing  the  structure  of  complex molecules  by  examining  their  X–ray  diffraction  pattern.

Medical applications

  1. X–rays  are  being  widely  used  for  detecting  fractures,  toumers, the  presence  of  foreign  matter  like  bullet  etc.,  in  the  human  body.
  2. X–rays  are  also  used  for  the  diagnosis  of  tuberculosis,  stones in  kidneys,  gall  bladder  etc.
  3. Many  types  of  skin  diseases,  malignant  sores,  cancer  and toumers  have  been  cured  by  controlled  exposure  of  X-rays  of  suitable quality.
  4. Hard X–rays are used to destroy toumers very deep inside the body.

Industrial applications

  1.  X–rays are used to detect the defects or flaws within a material
  2. X–rays  can  be  used  for  testing  the  homogeneity  of  welded joints,  insulating  materials  etc.
  3. X-rays  are  used  to  analyse  the  structure  of  alloys  and  the other  composite  bodies. 
  4. X–rays  are  also  used  to  study  the  structure  of  materials  like rubber,  cellulose,  plastic  fibre etc.