Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Breif Explanation of Rutherford Model of atom

Rutherford  suggested  the  following  Model of  the  atom.

  1. Atom may be regarded as a sphere of diameter 10 angstrom  but whole of the positive charge and almost the entire mass of the atom is concentrated in a small central core called nucleus having diameter of about  10 to the power -14 m
  2.  As  the  atom  is  electrically  neutral,  the  total  positive  charge of  the  nucleus  is  equal  to  the  total  negative  charge  of  the  electrons  in it.
  3.  The  electrons  in  the  atom  were  considered  to  be  distributed around  the  nucleus  in  the  empty  space  of  the  atom.If  the  electrons were  at  rest,  they  would  be  attracted  and  neutralized  by  the  nucleus. To overcome this, Rutherford suggested that the electrons are revolving around  the  nucleus  in  circular  orbits,so  that  the  centripetal  force  is provided  by  the electrostatic  force  of  attraction  between  the  electron and  the  nucleus.