Friday, 29 April 2016

Tsunami "the monster wave" Interesting facts and Information

Tsunami a Horrific things ever and ever.

What happen when the wave of tsunami strike to any city of  any country.
It's very horrific experience non of them ever wants to have such kind of experience
what ever comes under this wave yes Huge monster wave drag everything.

Tsunami travel with the average speed of 930 Km/hr.
I call it Ocean Monster.

Today I am going to open the some very interesting fact about tsunami
From ancient time in every where ocean are the great source of Natural resource.
But Beside this there is another face of Ocean when wave adopt the face of tsunami.
It is basically the large version of tidal wave.
How Any one can forgot year 26 dec 2004 , A black year
huge Natural disaster Tsunami in the Indian ocean that take away the life of about 280 thousand people in South Asia.

In Japan 11 March 2011 
there were a earthquake in side the water of the rate 9.3 mega thrust .
it cause the death of about the 18000 peoples and injured about 6500 peoples.
The height of wave was 120 ft and may reach to  1722 ft.
such a huge massive wave unimaginable .

Now How These way are generated 
  1. Land slide
  2. volcanic  eruption
  3. earthquake
when the tectonic plate of earth surface slip over one another then it releases not massive very massive amount of energy under water and it wakeup the sleeping sea.
This energy travel to the upper surface of water and displaces the water surface above the
sea level but due to gravity it again pull the displace water downward which make energy transmit outward in the form of very massive transverse wave.
It travel about 500 mile/hr.

when this high velocity wave come near the bank the depth of sea decrease, due to which these wave height start increasing.
it can rise up to 1750 ft above the normal sea level.
and it adopt the face of Monster Wave.