Monday, 16 March 2015

Uniform and Non uniform Circular motion

It is the circular motion or movement of an Object in circular path.

Uniform Circular Motion-
if the magnitude of particle velocity is constant or uniform along the circular path then it is called uniform circular motion

Non uniform circular motion-

if the magnitude of  particle velocity is not constant along the circular path then it is called non-uniform circular motion


another type of motion also there when body rotate around itself and also does circular motion that type of motion called spinning motion .

spinning of planet around the Sun

Centripetal Acceleration -

when a body does circular motion , an acceleration acts on the body whose direction is always toward the centre of the circular path.
another name is Radial acceleration as it acts along the radius of circle
its unit is m/s2
 It is a vector quantity

Centripetal force-

it is a force that compel the body to move in circular path .
it always directed toward its centre .

Important -work done by centripetal force is zero
because both centripetal force and displacement are at right angle to each other